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Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need...
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Becoming a member of the Facebook website and creating a profile for your business is just the beginning of how Facebook can be extremely helpful to your business. With Facebook, businesses have been able to spread the word of their business to an enormous amount of people worldwide, gain new business, grow their business, and expand their business. The Facebook community is the ultimate community to advertise to seeing as how there are more than two hundred million active Facebook members today and counting. One of the easiest ways to promote and advertise your business is through your Facebook status.

How updating your status can help your business:

If you have created a Facebook profile for your business, then chances are you have noticed the status box at the top of the page that says "What's on your mind?" In this box, you can type whatever you want and then hit the "share" button which then shares your status with all of your Facebook friends. Your Facebook friends may not be visiting your Facebook profile on a regular basis, but a status update is something that will appear on their page.

Here is how you can make the most out of updating your Facebook status:

  • Update your status on a regular basis. This keeps your Facebook friends aware of your existence

  • Use your Facebook status to inform your Facebook friends of new shipments or new merchandise that you have received

  • Update your status about new services or new products

  • Your status can be used to inform Facebook friends of any changes in the business or changes in operations

  • There is nothing better than a sale! Update your Facebook friends when you are having a sale

  • Update friends about promotions or discounts, such as buy one get one half off or free shipping

  • Use your status to encourage your Facebook friends to refer a friend to your Facebook page. Provide an incentive, such as a discount if the friend says that they heard about your business through one of their friends

  • Update your status if you are offering any sort of promotion such as free shipping or discount on orders over a certain dollar amount

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Facebook Ads 2

Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need to consider Facebook ads. [...]


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